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About The Jammer


My name is Martin Deslongchamps, and I am passionate about music. This passion started with my first radio show at the age of 12, and grew up from there until now. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed many variations of this love for music: School radio shows, DJ in discomobile, wedding parties, underground parties, afterhours gig, big room event, or studio production, mixing and mastering, studio construction, private consulting, and the list is not finished and will not. This website propose you the main axes I am focusing at the moment.


A word about Synergy

Synergy is a monthly radio show of trance music that I am hosting on www.di.fm/trance. I have done more than 100 shows so far, and had the opportunity to have great guest DJs on the show. International or local DJs, the music is a synergy between the emotion and the energy that we can find this genre. This radio show drove my universe for a long time, upgrading the studio, changing my DJ technics, learning how to master a DJ set, how to make voice over and jingles… Now, it’s all about fun and, of course, the music


Mastering Services

Promo2I am offering services for mastering, mixing, recording of any genre. My studio is small, so of course it’s not possible to record a big project in it, but a lot of things can be made there. The studio is treated acoustically, sounds awesome and precise. It give me this ability to master any kind of materials, which can be electronic or acoustic. I have mastered four artist albums so far, but have done a lot of individual tracks.



The Jammer – Synergy 2016 Podcast 12 [Episode 123 – EOYC Top 25]

This is the last episode of 2016, so I prepared the end of year countdown of the 25 best tracks on Synergy during the year.

The Jammer – Synergy 2016 Podcast 11 [Episode 122]

This episode is talking of finding it’s own identity. Sometimes we believe too much, sometimes not enough. Let’s dive into a big boost of energy and positivity!

The Jammer – Synergy 2016 Podcast 10 [Episode 121]

The theme of this show is faith, because we all go through this rollercoaster that is life, so this show was put together in the intention of giving you the energy and faith that everything will be allright.

The Jammer – Synergy 2016 Podcast 09 feat. Tomac, DJ PLH, Mad and Black Marvin [Episode 120 – 10 years]

This is a very special episode, since it’s the celebration of my 10 years of radio show and podcasting. Enjoy the celebration with this massive 3h of pure trance music by me, Tomac, PLH, Mad and Black Marvin!

The Jammer – Synergy 2016 Podcast 08 [Episode 119]

Learning at the moment how to let things go and trust life for what it can bring me, this episode is all about feeling better by trusting and valueing yourself.

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