Let’s give an edge to your sound!

Promo1In the last three years, I have done mastering on various projects. From electronic music to acoustic, I am able to help you getting the sound you were always looking for! I will be working with you as a team to help you develop your sound in your production and give it the edge that you have always wanted at the final stage.

I am doing lots of different things in regards to Mastering. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to have an idea how I can help you with your project. Here is a list of things I can do, but do not hesitate to ask for anything else not listed here, my passion goes far beyond this list…

  • Electronic Music Mastering (Track, EP or Album)
  • General Mastering (not electronic)
  • Mixing by stems or instruments
  • Simple setup recording
  • DJ Set


I do not have a predefined list of price for each service, because each project is really unique. Contact me to have a quote for your project, via the contact form or via any of my social network links.